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Originally established almost 29 years ago in 1991, Steeline is Australia’s only national buying group of independently owned, metal roofing and steel building product specialists.

We are always on the lookout for complementary businesses to join the Steeline Group, as together we can all enjoy the benefits of Group Purchasing Power.
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Combined Group Purchasing Power

As a national buying group, Steeline uses its combined purchasing power to achieve the best possible prices from our suppliers. The sheer volume of purchasing power aggregated by the size of the overall group provides each individual member with economies of scale that they would not have been able to achieve on their own.

The Benefits of Membership

The primary benefit for Members is the commercial advantage as a Steeline Member:

  • We can Purchase our raw materials at competitive prices
  • This means we can offer much more competitive prices to our Customers
  • So our Customer can get the best of both worlds:
  1. Local / regional manufacture
  2. Locally owned and operated
  3. Service over and above
  4. AND – very competitive prices that can match the big corporates

The benefits of Steeline Membership are about more than just purchasing power. These benefits are described in greater detail in the Steeline Policy Manual, with a brief summary below:-
Sharing of Best Practice – exchange of ideas, access to new manufacturing systems, operational techniques and sales programs.
Advice and Support – an independent business owner, without the support of the Steeline Group usually has to make all major business decisions on their own, because few of their personal acquaintances understand what they are facing.
Regular engagement with Key Suppliers – for example – annual meetings with Senior Executives from major Suppliers (such as BlueScope). They can afford to take the time to meet with Members at a Steeline Group conference, but rarely could they afford the time to call on each Member separately.
Networking and reinforcing relationships – indeed, the establishment of life time friends. A real, yet intangible benefit, not to be underestimated. The life of an Independent business owner can sometimes become a lonely one. Few neighbours and acquaintances understand or appreciate the time, commitment and resources required to make your business successful.
Presentation of Awards & Recognitions – Formal recognition of Steeline Supplier of the Year and Steeline Member of the year, as well as the awarding of various Supplier’s annual incentive awards or other prizes.
Group Discussion, Voting and Decision Making – conferences are scheduled on a regular basis and are usually the only opportunity for everyone to come together. They are an opportunity for the CEO and Board to present reports and strategic plans, and a time for rotating and electing Members of various smaller focus groups – eg Marketing, Engineering etc.
Visiting new Regions – a side benefit of attending national conferences, is travelling to a wide variety of places you may otherwise never visit. Exploring new areas creates opportunities to see how things are done in other places – new ideas, new methods and new markets.

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