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The humble Australian shed has come a long way. Once just a tool for storage space, the shed has quickly turned into an Australian institution. Think, an extra storage solution or home gym; your options are endless. Installing a shed on your property not only provides you with a secure space to house your vehicles and toys, but it will also help you make use of your home’s valuable land while adding value to your property in the process. 

At Steeline Sheds, our sheds and garages are available in an extensive range of sizes, giving you the option of complete customisation. Available in a variety of contemporary colours, our flexible garage and shed designs provide you with a structure that allows you to accommodate cars and boats, as well as an extra storage solution. 

Here at Steeline Sheds we service clients for everything from residential through to commercial and rural sheds and garages as well as offering our clients the option of a custom-made carport service. 

With over 30 years of industry experience, you can rest assured that the Steeline Sheds team will custom design your structure tailored to your design vision. 

A Steeline shed or garage is constructed using only the best Australian materials. Your choice of BlueScope Colorbond steel and Zincalume steel Cladding will ensure that you are not only left with an aesthetically pleasing structure, but one that lasts the test of time.

Our Shed and Garage Solutions

We offer the following in rural and commercial shed solutions:

  • Extensive variety of sizes and designs to fit almost any property at an affordable price
  • Specially formed heavy mainframe
  • Galvanised square tube columns
  • Your choice of steel-clad or corrugated roof cladding
  • variety of Colorbond colours to choose from


At Steeline we are committed to providing our clients with the most durable structures possible. In order for a shed to comply with Australian standards, it must comply with the National Construction Code (NCC) requirements. Steeline proudly manufactures structures that are built with materials that exceed these standards. Each of our products has been independently tested in varying conditions, including “low-high-low” cyclonic regions. 

We ensure that the materials we work with have been tested to withstand Australia’s unforgiving landscape. BlueScope steel is specially engineered and manufactured in Australia, to meet Australian standards. Tested for over 50 years against Australian conditions, Colorbond steel is created with BlueScope Activate technology resulting in a durable, anti-corrosion performance.

Construction and Customisation

At Steeline Sheds, we believe in giving our clients as many choices with their shed or garage as possible. That’s why we offer garages and sheds in both kit and tailor-made options. Our highly experienced Steeline staff members will help you every step of the way, from design execution to the completion of construction, with the use of our state of the art shed design and quoting software.

We understand that no property is the same and therefore, every shed or garage requirement is different and needs to be engineered accordingly. Our modular system ensures that you are able to build a shed with either a gable or skillion roof, as well as choosing your shed span, bay options, access doors and windows based on what best suits your home design.  

Each structure is different, from the site, exposure to the elements and distance from other buildings. Combining this with other necessary information enables Steeline Sheds to create a structure that is the right design specification for your property.  

Genuine Materials Backed by Bluescope Warranty

Built with materials that have one of the best reputations in the country, a Steeline shed provides you and your family with the peace of mind you deserve. Not only is it build by the experts, each one of our structures is backed by BlueScope steel’s warranty.

Each Steeline shed is constructed using strengthened reinforcement methods that are integrated into our cold-form steel framing. Every Steeline structure requires minimal maintenance in order to retain their appearance for years to come.

An important aspect for those looking to install a shed or garage on a rural property is the materials used and whether they are fire resistant. Colorbond Steel is compliant for use in bushfire zones, including the most extreme, Bushfire Attack Level-Flame Zone as specified in AS3959-2009.
Colour Choices

At Steeline Sheds we offer Colorbond Steel in a variety of different shades. This vast colour selection provides you with the ability to create a shed design that complements your property’s aesthetic, while also opening up the option to ‘mix and match’ Colorbond colours with your shed or garage gutters and downpipes.  

In addition, these colours are available in a range of thermally efficient light colours which can assist in keeping your home cooler in Summer, resulting in an energy efficient structure.  

It’s no wonder so many are choosing a Steeline Colorbond shed or garage for their property.

For The Best Result,  Call The Best in The Business

For the highest quality sheds in Australia call the team at Steeline Sheds today! Locally made, by local experts with the highest quality Australian steel, we will create a shed, garage or carport that is tailored to suit your specific requirements. We also offer pre-made sheds, garages and carports in easy DIY kits if you’re looking to save money on design and installation costs. With locations Australia wide, there is a Steeline Sheds supplier near you. Call the Steeline Sheds team today!

Our Sheds & Garages


What to ask when buying a shed - Does the steel in your shed meet Australian Standards?
Most sheds are designed and built in Australia, but in some instances the shed and the steel can be made somewhere else. Steel made by BlueScope is guaranteed to meet or exceed Australian Standards.

To comply with the National Construction Code (NCC) requirements, the steel used in your shed should comply with the relevant Australian Standards.

ZINCALUME® steel (often used in roofing and walling) and GALVASPAN® steel (used for the important structural  components) are made to comply with AS1397.COLORBOND® steel is made to comply  with AS2728.

What to ask when buying a shed - Will your shed stand up to Australia’s harsh conditions?
Around Australia our scientists have been testing steel products for over 50 years in some of the country’s harshest climatic conditions. Australia has some of the highest UV levels in the world, which can play havoc with painted steels. In fact, AS2728 requires pre-painted steel used in buildings to be tested in designated extreme climates throughout Australia, including sunshine exposure sites. And as required by the Standard, testing is conducted for performance attributes such as blistering, cracking, flaking and peeling. In other words, COLORBOND® steel is tested against defects that you do not want to see appearing on your shed.

Can you be sure this testing has been performed on pre-painted steels made in other countries, to foreign standards?

What to ask when buying a shed - The workmanship in your shed may have a warranty but what about the steel?

In addition to the workmanship that goes into your shed, make sure the steel used in your shed has a warranty you can trust. Roofing and walling made from COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel is backed by a warranty* from BlueScope right here in Australia.

What to ask when buying a shed - Is it genuine COLORBOND®, ZINCALUME® and GALVASPAN® steel in my new shed?

Look for the brand. To make sure you get genuine, COLORBOND® steel, ZINCALUME® steel and GALVASPAN® steel, ask your shed supplier to show you the brand marking printed on the reverse side of the steel. Made only by BlueScope, these registered brands have built a reputation as some of the most trusted building materials in Australia.

What to ask when buying a shed - Is your shed design engineered specifically for your site?

Like your house, your shed should also be engineered specifically for your site. Every shed is different in terms of the site, exposure to the elements and distance from other buildings. Combining this data with other important information such as the intended use of your shed and the wind speed, enables your shed supplier to determine the right design specification.

Do you supply kit only or take care of Council, Slab & Erect?

Some of our Steeline Stores are fully licensed to complete your shed, garage or carport from council application to completion. We are not licensed plumbers so we do not undertake stormwater connection – your downpipes will be installed to ground level only. We only use experienced licensed subcontractors for concreting and erect works as we require a quality finished product at all times. Contact you local Steeline Store to find out more.

Is there a range of colours available?

There are 22 modern colours for you to choose from in the Blue Scope Colorbond Steel Range as well as standard Zincalume. You can choose different colours for your walls, roof, gutters, flashings, barge and doors. Click here to see the range of colours available.

Do the kits come with engineering for council?

Yes, a full set of engineering drawings (specific to your building) is available to you once we are in receipt of a signed contract and a deposit.

Can my building be erected onto footings without a slab?

Yes, your shed or carport could be erected on ground level footings or embedded into the footing if preferred to a slab.

How are your buildings anchored to the slab or footings?

Each building is designed to be anchored with hold down bolts and brackets – either attached to the top of the slab, or cast into the concrete.

Can I add a side awning at anytime later?

Yes this is as simple as cutting a neat slot in the wall sheets at each portal frame & inserting a flat plate bracket to pick up the column inside & bolt the rafter to it outside the wall to extend out whatever width awning you choose.

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