At the moment your shed may suffice as a simple storage space, but it also has the potential to create a space like no other given the opportunity. Sheds are often very useful, particularly for gardening tool and equipment storage. Despite this, there are other options which could make the most of the prime real estate in your backyard, rather than allowing spiders a safe home and storage for small items.If you find yourself lacking hobby space, relaxation, or simply want to change things up a bit, you should consider renovating your shed interior.

Shed Renovation Options to Consider

If you’re determined to add some variety to your property, renovating your shed could be the way to go. Perhaps you could look at the renovation as another hobby, extracurricular activity, or even something fun you can do with family and friends. The possibilities are endless when it comes to interior shed designs, but finding the right purpose may be tricky.

There are too many potential ideas to list them all, but with a small amount of thought you’ll likely find that you can put your shed to better use than storage space. For example, if you’re into music, you may want to consider learning about sound proofing and proper methods of making a room acoustically sound. A large enough shed could easily double as a recording space, practice room, or even just a lounge to get away from the demands of everyday life and relax with some great music.

If you’re less of the musical type and more into visual art, a small studio may fit your style. When looking into sheds interior ideas, especially concerning painting, drawing, or sculpting, try to imagine the perfect studio. Natural versus artificial lighting, air flow, and storage space may be a few aspects to consider. Ironically, you can even consider your soon-to-be studio as a blank canvas waiting to be turned into your perfect little area. The costs of renovating a shed may be less expensive than most people realise, as the overall amount of necessary materials is quite low.

Total shed conversions aside, you might want to keep your shed as a storage unit, but give it a bit more flair. If so, take a walk around the land around your shed, get a feel for the flow of your yard, and imagine what would work best. With a new paint job, some minor woodworking (think frames and windows), and a well placed cobble stone path, your old shed could look like something out of a fairy tale. Water features are always a plus too, especially when paired with a touch of stone work.

How to Start Renovating a Shed

If you have a rough idea of what you’d like to do with your shed, the hardest part is out of the way. Construction is something usually best left to professionals, but minor renovation changes can be easy to do after a little bit of practice.

You should try to keep the initial overhaul simple, maybe trying a few different colours of paint to get a better picture of how your overall theme will look when it’s closer to completion. If you’re going for a hobby shop or studio rather than a redeveloped storage shed, you’ll want to completely clear out your items and clean your new room as much as possible.

Having a clean slate to work with will help you visualise where you’ll want to put certain fixtures and items. The bare bones construction of a typical storage shed is also going to be helpful in this situation, as it gives you an easier palate to work with. Drywall and insulation are relatively inexpensive, especially considering that you’ll be needing it in somewhat small amounts. To turn an old wooden shed into a cosy disjointed living space is not too difficult if you have basic tools and some inexpensive materials.

Why Should You Renovate?

Did you ever build a treehouse or a blanket fort as a child? Your own private and personalised space to do whatever you’d like and enjoy yourself is the goal, much like a child’s treehouse. Rebuilding, renovating, or even just touching up your shed can add a whole new bit of life to your property, regardless of the purpose of the structure itself. Try to use your imagination and come up with what you really want out of your shed, and realise that it’s not an unattainable goal!

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