Queensland – beautiful one day, perfect the next, cyclone day after that. If you’re a local of a city like Bundaberg and Gladstone, you would be aware of the risks present during storm season. Being under-prepared means risking the loss of your home or business, and can even mean personal injury. By the time you receive reports of volatile weather patterns, it can be too late. Building a cyclone rated shed is one of your best protections against floods and property damage when storms occur.

Protecting Buildings with Cyclone Rated Sheds

Building a cyclone rated shed is considerably different to building your average garden shed. Some things you will need to consider when approaching a shed dealer are:
The contractor should assess your individual site and ensure the shed design is suitable for the particular cyclone risks in your area. A slab structure may have to be built to establish a firm foundation on which the shed stands.Three bay grey and cream shed
To guarantee you are purchasing a cyclone rated shed, ensure it is engineer-designed and certified. There are many types of sheds available, so you will need to specify the type of shed you wish to buy.
If you are looking to build a commercial or industrial shed, you may want to consult an engineering firm for shed specifications, concrete slab qualities, pier layout plans and bolt positions. An experienced shed dealer such as our team at Steeline Sheds will also be able to help you with this part of your research.
Reputable shed suppliers should provide a 12-month warranty for both the workmanship and the products.
An inspection should follow the construction of your shed and any defects corrected before the beginning of storm season.

Bolts and Fasteners, Flashings for Cyclone Sheds

The type of screws and bolts used to construct your cyclone shed are very important. They can be the difference between a shed firmly planted on the ground and one in your neighbour’s backyard. Sufficient gauge screws should be used to install the protective structures. Sometimes, the safety of the cyclone rated shelter may be compromised because the bolting screws are not strong enough. Specialised bolts, flashings and fasteners should be included as standard in a complete kit for a cyclone rated shed.

The colour of your flashings won’t make a difference to the structural integrity of your shed. They will however make big a difference to the way your shed looks. Pay particular attention to the colour of corners, door heads, windows and doors, as these areas are most noticeable.

Rebated Slab System

Although technically not required to be considered a cyclone rated shed, ask your dealer about a rebated slab. Residents of Queensland may buy the required cyclone kit from Steeline Sheds and follow Do It Yourself (DIY) instructions during installation. Alternatively, you can organise construction of your shed and slab through your Steeline Sheds dealer. If the wall of your shed sits on a rebated slab system the water rebated system acts as a protection against water seepage and vermin such as rats, mice and toads. The slab also prevents grass and weeds from growing around your shed. A perimeter rebate around the shed also protects the iron bars from rusting, makes the structure easy to maintain, and stops rain water getting into the building.

Sheds for Harsh Weather Conditions

Sheds have become crucial for the protection of property, people and businesses during harsh weather conditions. The surest defence for people in cyclone prone areas remains in acquiring structural sound and approved cyclone shelters. Many insurance companies in Australia have started to give lower premium rates to clients who have defences against cyclones. This policy action by insurers is rated that cyclone rated sheds provide safety when adverse weather patterns occur.

In Summary

If your shed is planned and built correctly you can be confident of it lasting for many years even in a harsh Qld climate and when put to the test by extreme weather. Have a chat with your local Steeline Sheds dealer about more information on this topic or request a free quote for your shed project today.