You’ve finally decided on your dream pool in your backyard and construction is due to begin soon. Now you face the worry of how to best secure the pool to ensure you meet compliance standards, while maintaining the perfect look and feel to your outdoor area. The last thing you would want is for anyone or anything to take an unplanned dip, which could have deadly consequences.

We’ve previously discussed why pool fencing is so important, however there is still much to consider in terms of styling and material used. In this post, we aim to help alleviate your fears and queries and talk about why steel fences are a great option to fence your pool in Queensland.


Most Australians should know that pool safety is extremely important, particularly in sunny Queensland where so many homeowners have pools. Unfortunately Australians have a history of preventable pool-related incidents, which is why pool safety and education is taken so seriously. For generations, pool safety has been a large part of early childhood education units.

Even today with a range of pool alarms and protective pool covers available, we are still at risk of incidents occurring. In particular, the young, elderly and those under the influence are most prone to such accidents. While it might be difficult to secure the pool itself, a sturdy fence with a proper latch gate is not only a fantastic way to secure the entire pool area, it’s also a legal requirement.

Fences come in all shapes and sizes, however they are not all equal when it comes to providing complete security. In the past, standard steel or metal fences with evenly spaced bars was common for pool fencing, however in recent times it has been discovered that babies as young as 12 months old are able to climb up and over such fences. A great alternative is a complete coverage steel fence, which is a very secure and non-scalable option for little ones. Even if you decide to go away on holiday, you can ensure security is tight all year long with a steel covered fence as compared to other designs.


Steel is one of the most versatile materials on the planet. It can be used in buildings as supports; in train tracks which support incredible weight and even to create distinctive architectural features. If you’re looking for the most effective material for keeping people off your property, then steel is likely the best choice for you. Our steel fences are very private and include full coverage sheets to ensure nosy people can’t peek through. Made with colorbond steel, they include sheets of steel without gaps so you’ll be able to swim in peace without any unwanted onlookers.


Steeline’s fences are safe, sturdy, heavy and unlikely to be damaged easily. Steel is a strong, powerful and long-lasting fencing material, perfect for protective fences and especially when gale force winds wreak havoc on Queensland properties. Steel fencing is incredibly durable and as such has the ability to outlast any of its wooden counterparts. Our colorbond steel fences won’t rot, won’t be eaten by termites, is non-combustible and resists the progress of fire.


Our steel fences are nice and tall, thereby complying with pool fencing laws and discouraging unwanted guests from climbing over. With no vertical gaps for prying eyes, our steel fences provide a great privacy screen and secure barrier.


A good quality steel pool fence can create a relaxed atmosphere for family and friends. One of the biggest benefits is the unlimited design options that are available with steel. While wooden fences come in a variety of designs and styles, your choice can often be limited due to the different types of wood and their natural patterns.

Steel, on the other hand, is not limited by design and will look great from both sides of the fence. You can customise a fence to suit any environment and any requirement. Height, colour, straight or curved; it can all be done with steel. If you colour coordinate our steel fence, it can really compliment the look of your home too. You can extend your home’s interior design out to your backyard and pool area for an effortless, continuous design that ties it all together.

Easy Maintenance

Unlike wooden fencing, the beauty of steel fencing is that it requires little to no maintenance. You can give it a hose down every now and then and get rid of the dirt and garden debris build up at the base, but apart from that it’s basically a set and forget option. It’s therefore a great option for those who want to keep costs down without sacrificing on quality and safety. There’s no need to apply special treatments or varnishes – steel fencing will withstand all weathers without rusting.

Environmentally Friendly

You read that correctly – steel is actually a great option for the environment. The steel we use in all of our fences is 100% recyclable. Additionally, technology and processes have enabled the progression of steel manufacturing to result in a simplified process and outcome. As a result, today’s modular steel fences generate very little scrap during installation.

It’s not hard to see that there are a number of benefits you can receive from selecting a steel fence to secure your pool area. As with any big decision like this, we encourage you to consider all of your options and find the best option to suit your specific needs and preferences. If you have any questions about steel fencing options for your pool, or would like to enquire about one, contact Steeline Sheds today on 1300 736 123 or find your nearest location.