The humble backyard shed: tool storage, workshop, greenhouse, backup cricket stumps and an all round Australian icon. What it lacks in appearance, the shed more than makes up for in benefits. Imagine however, looking out your window each morning and seeing not just a simple shed but instead the product of your personal design and ingenuity. Designing your own shed allows you to tailor its looks and features to exactly what you need. So, how do you go about designing a backyard shed? We’ve compiled a list of useful steps to consider when designing your own shed.

Understand the Available Space

The size of your backyard will be your first consideration when it comes to designing  your shed. Working in Taj Mashed may not be practical for most residential backyards. Before you start to design your shed, begin visualising how your design will look and where you would like it to be. Council regulations may also need consideration as you will not always be permitted to build to the boundaries of your property. More about that later.

If you plan to include storage such as cupboards and shelving after you build then be sure to have at least a rough idea of how much space you will need internally as well.

Get a Shed Design Idea

While you’ve visualised your ideal shed design and how it would fit in the space you have, it’s time to get something down on paper. Three things you’ll need to consider are: measurements, materials and budget. Grab a tape measure and notebook and head into the backyard, be as precise as you can to ensure you have an accurate description. Once you know the size of your shed, it’s time to consider materials. Take some time to research and find colours and materials that will compliment the existing features of your home. Also consider elements such as roller doors, regular doors and windows.


Find out the Zoning Ordinances

Don’t set your plans in concrete, so to speak, before talking to the local council. Even if you don’t see your small shed as a construction site worthy of regulation, you can bet there are some general guidelines in place for what you can and can’t do. If your plans aren’t approved, ask for some recommendations for how best to go about completing your design. Your Steeline Sheds dealer will have a lot of experience with local council regulations and will be able to give you some great advice in this area.


Piecing it all together

A quality supplier/builder can even provide you with tips and advice to make sure your shed keeps you happy and looks great for many years to come. Whether you’ve only just started thinking about it, have a rough idea for your shed, or are in full swing designing, talk to your local Steeline Sheds supplier. They’ll be able to help you with all your ideas and materials to build a backyard shed you’ll be proud to call your own.