Colour Range

Attractive colours built tough for Australian conditions

Choosing a colour for your new shed that looks great is easy thanks to the great range of colours available with Steeline Sheds.

Selecting Colours for Your Shed

Fortunately when you get your shed from Steeline you get a choice of visually-appealing colours which can complement any existing buildings and landscapes. If you are building a backyard shed, consider the paint colour of your house, or if you are getting an industrial shed, consider the surrounding buildings to ensure your shed seamlessly fits into the area.

Keep in mind that the external colour will impact the temperature inside the shed. Dark colours can produce more heat from the sun which can result in warmer temperatures inside the shed. If you already live in a hot climate you may want to avoid darker colours or allow for suitable cooling options inside.

To maximise your comfort and minimise future energy bills, the use of lighter tones are the most popular. Light colours also provide a fresh and clean appearance and can help with long term cost savings as they will reduce the required insulation and the use of cooling units.

Steeline Roofin Spot uses Australian-made COLORBOND® BlueScope Steel on all structures, backed by a 10 year BlueScope warranty.

Colour Galleries

There are 22 modern colours available in the Blue Scope COLORBOND® Steel Range as well as standard Zincalume. You can choose different colours for your walls, roof, gutters, flashings, barge and doors.

Explore our online colour gallery which will let you narrow down a shortlist of colours that would look good with your shed. COLORBOND® offer a variety of contemporary and classic colour options. Check them out here

Check out Your Neighbourhood

Seeing other sheds in your area will give you an idea of how different colours work in a similar environment to where you live. You can also use a combination of colours with your shed design.

Expert Advice

To help select a smart colour choice for your space have a chat to our friendly staff who will be happy to assist you. With a fantastic range of colours available from COLORBOND® you can be sure there will be a perfect option for your needs.

For more information contact your nearest store and we will happily assist you make the perfect colour choice for your new shed.

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Do you supply kit only or take care of Council, Slab & Erect?

Steeline Roofin Spot is fully licensed to complete your shed, garage or carport from council application to completion. We are not licensed plumbers so we do not undertake stormwater connection – your downpipes will be installed to ground level only. We only use experienced licensed subcontractors for concreting and erect works as we require a quality finished product at all times.

Do the kits come with engineering for council?

Yes, a full set of engineering drawings (specific to your building) is available to you once we are in receipt of a signed contract and a deposit.

Can my building be erected onto footings without a slab?

Yes, your shed or carport could be erected on ground level footings or embedded into the footing if preferred to a slab.

How are your buildings anchored to the slab or footings?

Each building is designed to be anchored with hold down bolts and brackets – either attached to the top of the slab, or cast into the concrete.

Can I add a side awning at anytime later?

Yes this is as simple as cutting a neat slot in the wall sheets at each portal frame & inserting a flat plate bracket to pick up the column inside & bolt the rafter to it outside the wall to extend out whatever width awning you choose.

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