Colour Range

Attractive colours built tough for Australian conditions

Choosing a colour for your new shed that looks great is easy thanks to the great range of colours available with Steeline Sheds.

Selecting Colours for Your Shed

When it comes to constructing a new shed or garage on your property not only do you want to ensure that your structure is going to be reliable and secure, but you want to make sure that it is complementary to your home’s aesthetic. 

Colorbond steel proves time and time again its durability against the harsh Australian weather conditions, while remaining aesthetically pleasing and never compromising on an outstanding, lifelong performance. 

With half of all new Australian homes using Colorbond steel in their build, it’s no wonder Colorbond steel is such a sound choice. The steel’s base is constructed and tested to meet all Australian standards, ensuring strict adherence to the highest quality grade of finish to your steel. Coated with BlueScope’s globally patented industry leading Activate technology, you are guaranteed a shed or garage that can provide you with anti-corrosion performance for a lifetime.


Offered in various colourways – Classic, Contemporary as well as fencing colour options, each Colorbond structure is characterised by its clean lines, creating a modern fresh look for your new structure.  

At Steeline, we offer Colorbond in numerous different shades. Our extensive colour range allows you to create a design that sets the theme for your entire home, while also allowing you to ‘mix and match’ your Colorbond colour choices with your shed’s gutters, fascia and downpipes. This creates a useful structure that will not only be around for a lifetime, but also complements your home’s design. 

Additionally, a range of these colours come in thermal efficient shades, which can assist in keeping your sheds and garages cooler throughout the hot summer months; maximising your comfort and minimising future energy costs.

Fire Protection

Whether you live in, are planning to relocate to a bushfire prone area, or you simply want to increase your home’s bushfire protection, using BlueScope Colorbond steel can help protect your property.

Suitable for use in rural bushfire zones, including Australia’s most extreme Bushfire Attack Level – Flame Zone, Colorbond can provide you and your family with extra peace of mind.


At Steeline Sheds, each of our custom designs are made from BlueScope Colorbond quality steel and are backed by a BlueScope warranty. 

As you can see it’s no wonder so many Australians are opting to use BlueScope Colorbond steel for both residential and commercial projects. Get in contact with the Steeline Sheds team today to start designing your property’s new shed or garage with only the best Australian materials. 

Expert Advice

To help select a smart colour choice for your space have a chat to our friendly staff who will be happy to assist you. With a fantastic range of colours available from COLORBOND® you can be sure there will be a perfect option for your needs.

For more information contact your nearest store and we will happily assist you make the perfect colour choice for your new shed.

Some Recently Completed Projects


Do you supply kit only or take care of Council, Slab & Erect?

Steeline Roofin Spot is fully licensed to complete your shed, garage or carport from council application to completion. We are not licensed plumbers so we do not undertake stormwater connection – your downpipes will be installed to ground level only. We only use experienced licensed subcontractors for concreting and erect works as we require a quality finished product at all times.

Do the kits come with engineering for council?

Yes, a full set of engineering drawings (specific to your building) is available to you once we are in receipt of a signed contract and a deposit.

Can my building be erected onto footings without a slab?

Yes, your shed or carport could be erected on ground level footings or embedded into the footing if preferred to a slab.

How are your buildings anchored to the slab or footings?

Each building is designed to be anchored with hold down bolts and brackets – either attached to the top of the slab, or cast into the concrete.

Can I add a side awning at anytime later?

Yes this is as simple as cutting a neat slot in the wall sheets at each portal frame & inserting a flat plate bracket to pick up the column inside & bolt the rafter to it outside the wall to extend out whatever width awning you choose.

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