If you are in need of a place to relax and escape from your thoughts and daily chores consider building a backyard shed or transforming your existing shed into a recreational room.  Creating an entertainment area will not only add value to your home but allow for a fun escape for all household members. The traditional backyard shed is not just a storage space for tools anymore but with a little inspiration and a spare weekend, the shed can become an exciting additional room to the home.

De-cluttering an Existing Shed

To begin, it is important to clear and clean the space, disposing of any unwanted goods. Identify those belongings you will keep, those items that will remain stored in the shed and those that will be relocated to an alternate storage position in the home.  Instead of wall art, the garden tools could be stored on a tool wall.  Refer to our “Outdoor Shed Storage Solutions and Organisation Tips” blog post to develop some ideas of how to store all the gear you want to keep.

Have Fun with Walls

Create the right environment by considering how to treat the walls.  Insulation might be needed to maximise comfort levels inside your shed if you are spending significant time in there. If you would prefer to keep the original shed walls, painting might be a great option. Also consider hanging children’s artwork, or your own decorative ideas to create a relaxing environment.

Choose Practical Flooring

More than likely your shed will sit on a concrete slab, therefore, a range of flooring options are available, relatively cost effective and easy.  A simple option is to paint the floor with concrete paint and add decorative rugs. Alternatively, carpet, tiles, vinyl and/or laminate are all options. Choose a flooring option that meets your needs and design tastes.  

Light it Up

For a successful entertainment area, electricity is essential so you will need an electrician to run wiring to the shed in order to power any appliances or equipment.  Consider the most appropriate type of lighting and location as this will always impact the ambience of a room.  Always use a certified electrician. A well-lit entertainment area is always more inviting and the same goes for your shed.  

It’s Time to Entertain

Depending on the size of your shed, the addition of stools, chairs or a lounge will allow for relaxation. To keep the children and all young at heart happy, guests can be entertained by adding a dart board to the wall. A futsal table is also fun for all ages. Stock a bar fridge with refreshments for easy access. You may want to include a TV and DVD player if the shed provides enough room.

These are just a few ideas to create a relaxing escape in your backyard shed. Create or transform your shed the way you want and don’t be afraid to express your personal tastes. If you need a shed, contact your Steeline Sheds consultant about potential possibilities for your backyard escape.