Do you have a shed, or are you thinking of adding one to your property? Sheds have become an Australian backyard staple, and rightly so. They are fantastic for storage, safekeeping of assets and extra indoor space for activities and events. What can really make a difference to the look and feel of a shed comes down to the design layout, the organisation and storage and the accessories. In this post, we look at a range of accessories to ensure your shed is the perfect fit for you!

Determine The Purpose

First things first, you need to figure out what your shed going to be used for.  It is often simpler and much more cost effective to including accessories during the construction phase rather than retrofitting them, which can waste materials and travel time for contractors. Not to mention, you may also find it harder to install accessories on existing structures. Ensuring you understand the purpose of your shed will help you to figure out which accessories are required to bring that dream to life early on.

Some examples of shed purposes and related accessories include:

  • The Garden Shed – you might want to install windows from the get go to save money and the hassle of adding it to the shed later.
  • The Farm Shed – not necessarily thinking of what accessories to be added but more considerations are needed. For example, you’ll need further clearance/open area to cover your large machinery and ensure ease of transition.
  • The Handyman’s Shed (Workshop Shed) how about adding sliding doors to your shed? You can convert hinged doors into sliding doors.
  • The Carpark Shed (Carport or Garage)  how about storage? What about some lockable storage cabinets?
  • The Play Area Shed so you want to provide an area that is both safe and entertaining. Your play area shed could already have a sand pit installed, cubby lighting and a scramble net.
  • The Patio/Outdoor Entertaining Shed the patio shed can be multi-purpose, you could install a peg strip to hold your barbecuing tools or perhaps further shelving.
  • Roof-only Structuresince you have not defined the use of the shed but rather want a roof-only structure doesn’t mean you don’t want it to be ready for future purposes – every shed should have some sort of lighting whether it be naturally provided or otherwise, it should have the potential to provide this.

More Accessory Ideas

There are a range of common shed accessories, such as windows, roller doors and storage units. If you’ve considered the typical additions, why not think a little outside the box to see how you can accessorise your shed to your own taste and preference?

We’ve compiled a few other shed accessory ideas below for you to consider:

  • Whirly birds or roof vents these help to create a fresher and healthier working environment and are a must have for any high fume environment.
  • Skylight Sheetsadd natural light into your shed so you can see things clearly without having to reach for a torch. You’ll be able to see your tools and equipment without the need for electricity during the day while working inside your shed (saving you money!)  Adding this accessory to a steel shed means it will replace either a full or a half roof panel.
  • Wall light sheets/Windows – another alternative that allows natural light into your shed.
  • Sliding Glass Doorexpand the flexibility of your shed by installing custom, silent internal glass sliding doors. The glass could be translucent, coloured or even feature digital art.
  • Vermin Proofing and Ember Seal Flashingsthis ensures your shed against a whole range of rodent, creep crawlies and slithering menaces. It also isolates your cladding from the chemicals in concrete that have the potential to cause premature corrosion to your cladding.
  • Insulationkeep cool during the summer and warm during the winter, this depends on how much you intend to use your shed.
  • Gutter Guardyour shed is still essentially a roof, it covers you and its contents and therefore guttering ensures good roof health.  
  • Awning or Lean toextend your shed and make it look more welcoming too. This can be partly an aesthetic accessory but also add more area to it.
  • Water Tankwant to use the run-off from your shed as a sustainable water source? Add a water tank to take advantage of the roof’s natural water catchment system.
  • Insect Screens on Windows – this is one of the best defenses against bugs without any chemicals.
  • Anchor Kitsensure your shed is secure with anchor pegs and the like. You can even request more durable cyclone-safe anchor kits.
  • Shelving – some sheds include built-in shelving already but when planning your shed and its use, adding more shelving can truly make full use of the shed’s purpose.
  • Flooring – it is always recommended to lay a concrete slab or other type of durable flooring for your new shed as it provides a solid and level surface for your shed.

Want more ideas for shed accessories, or would like to speak to a professional about your options? Contact Steeline Sheds today on 1300 736 123.